Run Into Romance with #ConnectingFlights

Traveling around the holidays can be quite a challenge. Your flight could be late. Your luggage could get lost. Your flight could even be cancelled. Maybe, just maybe, that cancelled flight could be your ticket to love.

Although I've never fallen in love at the airport, I once had a very interesting encounter when I was in my early twenties. I was flying from Missouri to Hawaii and had a stopover of about four hours in Los Angeles. I had to change planes and walk quite a long way to get to the gate where I would be catching the plane to Honolulu. As I reached the gate, I realized I had forgotten my carry-on bag on the previous airplane. I immediately panicked because my boarding pass for the next flight was in that bag. I quickly turned and headed back towards the gate I'd just left.

After another long walk, I finally arrived to discover the plane had already reloaded and left to go back to Missouri. I was nearly in tears as I talked to the ticket counter lady at the gate. She smiled and said that someone on my flight had already found my bag and would meet me at the gate to Honolulu. Relieved and exhausted, I took the long trek back to my departure gate again. I glanced at my watch and realized I was actually running out of stopover time. I picked up my pace and arrived just as the plane was boarding. As I approached the ticket counter, I saw one of my best friends from elementary school standing there, holding my carry-on bag. I hadn't seen her in years and could hardly believe my eyes! It turns out, she was several rows behind me on the flight from Missouri and was on her way to Hawaii as well! Do you have any airport stories to tell?

Be sure to check out the trailer below of this holiday season's hit, Connecting Flights, the untold story of a run-in romance!
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  1. Wow! I've never run into anyone I know/knew in my airplane travels, the closest I came to a chance encounter was with a friend of a friend. I was on the second leg of my flight back home from Los Angeles to Maine with a 4 hour layover in JFK. My 1-year-old munchkin was enjoying the in-terminal playground and I did all I could not to fall asleep, when another mom struck up a conversation with me. I found out, after getting home, that she was flying BACK to California and knew a good friend of mine! Small world...

  2. I have only flown once and I left my purse at my uncle's and had trouble boarding the plane but I got on and my aunt sent me my purse in the mail, crazy. I don;t like to fly.


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