New On Kindle: Whispering Wally by Kevin Collier

“Wally the Whale was the biggest creature in the ocean, and also the gentlest. He spoke softly, and the most important things he had to say were spoken in a whisper.”
So begins each tale of Whispering Wally and Torrie, the Tiny Sea Turtle. Originally written for a TV show based on award-winning author/illustrator Kevin Collier's undersea characters, The Sand Art Secret http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AFLFFHM is the first kindle picture book by Tangerine Sky Productions, a multi-media company owned by Collier, and wife, Kristen.

“We did about 7 or 8 Whispering Wally stories for our show,” said Kristen, also an author, “and as he's Kev's most beloved character, we've also made him the host of our kid's page.” http://www.tangerineskyproductions.com/Products.html

Whispering Wally has his own blog http://whisperingwally.blogspot.com/ with a video, coloring pages and merchandise. And the Colliers have also made a video http://www.truli.net/entertainment/exclusively-on-truli-whispering-wally-in-the-sand-art-secret of The Sand Art Secret, as well as some of their other children's stories.

Buy The Sand Art Secret – Just In Time For Christmas!

Kevin Collier has illustrated over 200 books and for shows on several networks. See his latest work on the Tangerine Sky website. http://www.tangerineskyproductions.com/

Follow Tangerine Sky Productions on twitter for their most recent updates! https://twitter.com/TangerineSkyVid

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