Guest Post: What to do if you want to keep people from plugging in USB devices

What to do if you want to keep people from plugging in USB devices: I’d been asking around about ways to keep my kids from plugging certain USB devices into our home computers. I asked the IT guys at work and they showed me their solution. They epoxied the USB ports shut on several employee computers. That was a little over-the-top for me so I sought out other solutions. I had tabled it until I was at a friend’s house and after talking about my problem they mentioned the Lindy USA Port Blocker. I bought a set and here’s what I think about the product.
According to the Lindy site you can use this for USB security to physically prevent users from connecting Pen Drives, MP3 Players and other USB Mass Storage Devices. The port blocker is made up of a combined 'key' and 'lock' assembly which plugs into the USB port. You plug the 'keylock' into the port and release the latch leaving the plug in the USB port. The package for $22.95 consists of the key and 4 plugs.

I brought mine home and had my husband put them into several ports. The key is the size of a small USB drive and can be kept on a keychain. It effectively makes it so you cannot plug any device into the USB port. The plugs are nearly impossible to get back out of the port without using the key. It’s worth noting that these are designed to keep honest people honest; they could be removed with considerable damage to the port.

The only thing we noticed on the con side is the switch used to engage the plug is small. My husband had a hard time with it because he has large hands. It wasn’t the end of the world but it was difficult. Overall this product was exactly what I needed to add USB security to my home computers. It’s not going to keep someone from using a USB port on a computer if they are willing to pry the plug out and damage the computer. It will keep my kids and most employees from using the USB port.

Learn more about USB security and the port blocker from Lindy USA.

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