Bilingual Children's Book: Healthy Foods from A to Z - Review

Don't let the boring book title fool you. This is a great children's picture book that kids love. Healthy Foods from A to Z is a hard-bound book of many faces, literally! As a home daycare provider, I'm always looking for books that are unique, educational, interesting, and fun. This award-winning book provides all of that and more.
Each page features a letter or two of the alphabet, plus healthy foods that start with that letter in both English and Spanish. On the B page, there are Broccoli (brecol) and Blueberries (arandanos), but there are also a Boniato (sweet potato) and a Berenjena (eggplant). All of the food pictures are real photos, not illustrations, so children can recognize and learn them.
To make this book even more fun and engaging, the foods featured on each page are arranged into a face shape that exhibits different facial expressions - happy, sad, silly, bored, mad, etc. In the back of the book there is an activity page that explains (in English and Spanish) how to make a healthy food face and a template to use. There are also pages of other healthy food projects to try and lots of interesting facts about the foods throughout the book. Did you know carrots come from northern Europe?
As a preschool teacher, I recommend Healthy Foods from A to Z be in every early childhood classroom. It's a wonderful teaching tool and a great launching point for a Food Theme. As a parent, this is a wonderful way to share healthy habits in a fun way with your children. We love this book! Pick up your copy at the link below!
Published by Moonstone Press LLC.
Stephanie Maze, Executive Editor
Renee Comet, Photographer

Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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