Guidecraft Roadway System and Traffic Signs - Review and Giveaway

Cars are ever-entertaining to young children. Actually, most adults love their cars too! Since children are constantly transported around in cars, having role play learning materials that relate to transportation offers so many benefits. The Guidecraft Roadway System is a wonderful 42-piece hardwood set of road sections that can be assembled in hundreds of different ways.
The pieces are similar to giant jigsaw pieces and interlock for smooth and seamless play. Pre-marked with lines, dotted lines, and even white stop lines, these durable pieces will last for generations. I set up the first roadway for the children on our two big preschool tables and I had an absolutely blast configuring the roadway. When the kids arrived to see it, they screamed with delight and played for hours.
The Guidecraft Traffic Signs are a fabulous addition to our new roadway set. We've been working on the letter D and I did a quick-change of our curriculum that day to include "drive" in our lessons. We talked about each one of the traffic signs, what the signs meant, and where we might see them. Each wooden sign is 7 inches tall so they are perfect for young children's hands.
I loved the interactions between the children as they discussed the cars driving around their "town" and took turns flying the little airplanes off the "runway." Since I set it up on the table the first time, it gave the children the opportunity to use large motor skills walking around, stretching across, and zooming airplanes over the tables. At the same time, by pushing cars around and turning corners on the roadway, they were strengthening their fine motor skills in their fingers.
As the children cleaned up the roadway and traffic signs for lunchtime, they stacked the pieces together that matched in shape and size. They have already decided that next time, they will be building the road on the carpet, which I think is a great way for them to work together and learn to plan. Perhaps I'm teaching the next Austin city planner!
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Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


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  2. Awesome, my pre-K kids would love this.. me too.


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