MannaTech Nutritional Wellness Conference Update

At the moment, my brain is on information overload!!! Having fun, learning lots, meeting people. Let me see, so far I've learned....
  1. Bloggers are awesome people. It's as much fun meeting them for real as it is hanging with them online.
  2. Lisa Madden (the MannaTech rep who invited us here) is a very sweet, very generous person.
  3. Lisa Madden's brain is named Jana Sooter (at least that's what Lisa and Jana say).
  4. There are 5 million children dying of malnutrition every year.
  5. In developing countries, children receive too little of the right kinds of foods.
  6. In industrialized countries, children receive too much of the wrong kinds of foods.
  7. MannaTech has developed a real-food nutritional powder, called NutriVerus, that could potentially change the lives of millions, both in developing and industrialized countries.
I heard about how so many organizations give things like rice and beans to the poorer countries, filling the children's tummies but not giving them the nutritional foundation they need, so they die anyway. NutriVerus can be sprinkled on any food or put in any drink, twice a day, giving the child everything they need to be healthy. Isn't that amazing? Even better, those children are getting it FOR FREE from MannaTech's Give For Real Program.

In America, we hear how fat we are all becoming. Obesity is a huge problem not just in adults, but especially concerning in children. They are overeating because they are hungry because their foods don't contain what their bodies are craving. Some people have stripped down their diets of all processed foods and gone organic (or crunchy, as it's commonly called). I like the idea of mixing in NutriVerus to two meals per day for each family member, providing them what their bodies really want, and instead of eating more calories trying to satisfy cravings, their caloric intake will decrease and their nutritional intake improves dramatically, including their overall health and wellness.

More to come! Meanwhile, check out www.GiveForReal.com!



  1. Wow!!! This is so fascinating and I really can't wait to hear more!!! It's obvious to me that our foods don't have much nutritional value but wow. It really is true!

  2. wow it's amazing
    do check my recent post n comment

  3. This is such a neat concept I can not wait to hear and learn more about it.

  4. I saw the video and oh my I can't believe just 2 spoonfuls will give you that much energy Julie

  5. Pretty cool, huh? How is your family responding to the Nutriverus? Specifically, your son? I know you were really eager to try it. :-)

    We're loving it! I just ordered Mannabears and Phytobursts today!!


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