Preschool Lesson: Five Senses Lemons and Limes

I love doing the five senses theme. It's easy preschool science! Here is a fabulous lesson that the kids really get into doing. A site such as www.earlychildhoodeducationdegree.net has information about how you can learn more about great lessons to teach preschool kids.

First show them a lemon. Ask! They almost always know what it is. Then show them a lime. Ask! Almost none of them will know what it is. Then while you are cutting the lemons and limes (1/4 for each child), tell them when you cut in HALF, then tell them when you cut in FOURTHS. Explain how half is two and fourths is four. Talk about the sense of SEEING. Give each child 1/4 lemon and 1/4 lime. Talk about the sense of SMELL. Ask them how the peel feels. Ask them how the inner pulp feels. Talk about the sense of TOUCH. Encourage them (get your camera ready) to lick each lemon and lime piece. Talk about the sense of TASTE. As you talk about taste, teach them the words sour and tart.
Give each child a small cup and show them how to squeeze the lemon and lime juice out of the fruit. The easiest way for preschoolers is to fold the fruit fourth in half and squeeze. Give each child a spoon to scoop out the seeds that may fall in the cup. Ask them do they HEAR a sound (the fifth sense) when the juice drips down in the cup.
Ask them if they know of something sweet (opposite of sour). You may need to lead them to say sugar. Talk about making lemon-lime ade with the juice, water and sugar. Using a pitcher, add water to each cup of squeezed juice. Allow the children to put one teaspoon of sugar in their cup and stir. Again ask about the sound. Encourage tasting again. Compare the sweet lemon-lime ade to the sour taste.

And always encourage creativity and silliness! We also colored lemons and limes on paper so the children would have something to remind themselves of what we did when the parents asked about their day.



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  2. What a cool lesson! I cant wait to start doing this with Little Bit <3

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  6. This makes me wish I was still a preschool teacher but thanks for the great idea of what to do with my own three year old :)

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  7. Thanks for this idea! Madelynn and I are gonna have to make lemon-limeade.

  8. This. Is. Awesome. I love it! We will definitely be using this week! I know both my toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast with it! Thank you so much for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday -- I hope we see you again next week!


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