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What wonderful timing! Yesterday I started with the Grounded scent in the Cerra program and in the afternoon I received a wonderful package of Cerra materials! Inside is a journal (which I guess bloggers don't really need since we spill it all out online), tea packets, lotion, dissolving notes and a marker, keepsake notes, and a bottle of scented oil.

Today, my fragrance card is the Creative Energy card. My affirmation on the card reads: I am opening up to new things that spark my creative energy. I love this scent!!! The Creative Energy scent is a fresh, fruity citrus with Cardmom and Juniper Berry.

(Be Aware) As I mulled over my thoughts about creative energy, I think that pretty much describes me most of the time. As a home daycare provider I have to use lots of creative energy to keep my eight kids busy and happy and learning. As a wife and mother I have to use creative energy to run my household and juggle a full time career. Now that I'm blogging daily, creative energy comes in quite handy as I plan my posts, hunt for reviews, join in giveaways, and much more!

(Act with Intention) I think my newest acts of creative energy have taken place in the kitchen, since we've become vegan. I'm having to recreate the way I've eaten for over 40 years. By using this diet we are trying to reverse heart disease and improve our lives. I'm learning to make recipes from fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains, with no oils, nuts, dairy, or meat. How appropriate that the fragrance card smells like fresh fruit today!

(Reflect) Reflecting is exactly what this Cerra program is helping me to do. I'm really enjoying all the inner searching and also the products I've received as part of the program. Using the scented oil on my pulse points will help to remind me today of my creative energy as I make the most of the meager 24 hours a day I'm given to organize my life of joyful chaos.

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