Dreaming of Retirement

I love my job, don't get me wrong. I've been raising up fabulous preschoolers for 25 years and I have to admit, I do dream of retiring. My sons will graduate from high school in two years, so I'd love to look at retirement in about five years or so. We've looked at property online in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, but we just aren't sure where we'll end up. I've lived in Texas for the past 20 years and familiarity is comfortable. At the same time, it's exciting to think of maybe choosing somewhere else. Arizona is very hot, like Texas, but the desert conditions there would be beneficial for two people who suffer from seasonal allergies. We saw some great land prices in New Mexico, but with all this Texas drought and 100+ degree weather, I have to admit that looking at these beautiful pictures of Denver are tempting me to consider Real Estate in Colorado.
Breathtaking, aren't they? My husband said the home prices are pretty good in Colorado right now, but who knows what it will be like in five years. Of course, we'd have to sell our home here in Texas before we can consider buying. So now I've got it stuck in my head and I'm dreaming of Real Estate in Denver CO. Maybe a little house just big enough for me and my husband, nestled in between towering pine trees. I can smell the burning wood in the fireplace and the coffee brewing, and outside there are big fluffy snowflakes drifting down around the front porch step. Ah, well, retirement will come someday.
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  1. The second picture ... it stunning! I wouldn't mind living there!!! :-)

  2. Colorado is fantastic!

    I'm a new follower from the Tuesday Friend Connect.


  3. Oh it looks so beautiful!

  4. Colorado is so beautiful. You chose the right place to retire to!

  5. Nice dream. I would not mind Colorado the photos look so inviting.

  6. I've been to Colorado several times and love the beautiful mountains!


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