Fence Painting with Preschoolers

It was a typical humid Texas morning, the temperature reaching into the mid-nineties already. I knew these five kids would be complaining about the heat within ten minutes, so I gathered up a few supplies...five lid-covered paint jars, five paintbrushes, and some water. This is one of our favorite activities. They can paint the entire fence with water, make a big watery mess, let it dry and paint again. They spent 45 minutes doing this in the shade this morning. They exercised fine motor skills, holding the paintbrushes and balancing the cup in the other hand. They practiced large motor skills, stooping down, stretching up and making wide sweeping paint motions. They used their communication skills by discussing their paintings. They even used their listening skills by following my directions to stay in the shaded area to avoid sunburn.


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  1. I love the way you tied in the listening and motor skills. I'm a great believer that every moment is an opportunity for learning.
    (Being a pirate today with Twisted Scavenger and sailed over here to do my thing.)


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